LED commercial lights – TITANIUM LCL®


Titanium LCL® is designed for outdoor applications under roof or interior areas: production areas, warehouses, gas stations, stores, schools, shopping centres, sport facilities and all other interior areas where assembly under 3 – 8 meters is possible. Mounting is possible through 4 mounting spots under construction, horizontal swing position or directly screwed to construction. Special design can be made on request.

Titanium LCL® commercial lights are currently available in one model LCL®90, which sucessfully covers wide range of applications with its characteristics. Titanium LCL® 90 with 90 LED light sources exceeds technical parameters of modern lights with MH-pressure bulbs with a power of 250 W.

Titanium LCL®90 is available in 3 versions:

  • BV: basic version (without dimming)
  • PR: with power reduction (50 %)
  • DIM: dimming range from 1-100 % (control signals 1-10V)

Each LED commercial light is available in different lumen package, power consumption and light distribution pattern.

All our LED lights can be easily turned into multifunctional devices with high-tech applications which bring high-added value like no other existing streetlights worldwide and mean a whole new approach to outdoor street lighting.