LED street lights – AEROLITE LSL®

Worlds best quality – price ratio

Aerolite LSL® LED street lights are currently one of the most advanced LED street lights available on the world market and will provide the best product ratio between quality-price.

They are produced with top quality materials under highest automotive production standards and have acquired all needed certificates for quality and performance.

Aerolite LSL® LED street light are currently available in 4 different families:
LSL®15, LSL®30,  LSL®60, LSL®90

LSL 15 LSL 30 LSL 60 LSL 90

All standard models are available in basic color (grey), in 3 versions:

  • BV: basic version (without dimming)
  • PR: with power reduction (50 %)
  • DIM: dimming range from 1-100 % (control signals 1-10V)

Each family is available in different lumen package, power consumption and light distribution pattern. All our LED lights can be easily turned into multifunctional devices with high-tech applications which bring high-added value like no other existing streetlights worldwide and mean a whole new approach to outdoor street lighting!

Aerolite LSL® LED street lights can be used for streets, roads, highways, parks, walking paths, bicycle lanes, parking places, alleys, drive-ins, industrial complexes, airports, etc.

Our LED street light Aerolite LSL®15, 30, 60 and 90 families are eligible for Rebates, Incentives and Resources from some of the largest utilities in the US that are members of DLC.

Hanging model LSHL®80 will be available in the near future.