Your benefit

Our whole 360° approach with knowledge, competences, experience, innovation are built in every lighting product, that we produce. This results in numerous benefits for our clients like no other existing streetlight in the world.

Your benefits:

  • highest energy efficiency with up to 90% energy / money savings (much lower electricity bills)
  • Proven LED lights with highest quality – price ratio in the world and therefore quick return on investment
  • outstanding lighting performance for your projects
  • no maintenance cost during life time
  • dramatic reduction of CO2 emissions
  • 5 year guaranteed warranty, with negotiated extensions to 7 years
  • long life expectancy (up to 100.000 hours – 20 years)
  • ability to regulate luminous flux and therefore obtain additional energy savings
  • ability to upgrade to multifunctional devices with numerous benefical business  opportunities
  • contribution to environment protection with environmentally friendly lighting products