Design & development



Manufacture unique approach to design and development covers the entire product life cycle: the constant optimization of components, as well as maximum costumer benefit and environmental protection.

Unique design process for optimal solutions

The whole design process strives to achieve the concept where form follows function, which means that design supports the products´ function to the fullest extent possible. While searching the best functional design solutions, new findings from bionics are also taken into consideration. We have developed unique internal procedures for every level of the design process, which enables us to quickly define possible issues or concerns. With this innovative approach and creative problem solving techniques we are able to find the optimal solution for most demanding technical challenges.

Modern prototyping tools

Our factory has modern laboratories, superior robotization and all necessary tools which assists us in implementing fresh ideas through 3D modeling of prototypes and final products. We are testing and using new high quality materials under various conditions to find their best combination for prototypes. These are then tested by the latest software in the laboratories, which simulate different conditions of the aging process. After the prototype successfully undergoes all testing, it goes through demanding phases of certification and final production.