Automotive approach

Expertise for satisfying automotive demands

One of the most demanding markets for LED technology is the automotive industry. Exceptional expertise is required to develop the best quality automotive LED lights which are tested for functioning under most severe weather and working conditions (rain, snow, hail, cold, heat, dust, wind, etc.). There is no room for errors while achieving extreme resistance, durability and best lighting performance of the luminaires.

Automotive production line compliant to strictest standards

Our engineers have used diverse automotive know-how, modern automated production lines, quality control and optimized processes as the basis for developing LED street lights.
All our LED street lights are one of the few if not the only street lights that are completely produced on the automotive production line, which is compliant to the worlds most strict industry standards (Automotive ISO/TS 16949).

Quality is produced and controlled

The automotive approach system is a self-learning process and supports constant improvements automatically (system for recording errors). With constant improvements and education of employees, the need for enhancements are recognized independently
and solved by teamwork together with superiors. The goal of this system is »zero defect«, which means that over time no errors are possible. Therefore quality is produced and not controlled.


The automotive approach has always been our way and we will continue to use it in the future at all steps of production. In this way our clients can be completely sure they will get the best possible lighting products available in the world market and that quality will always meet or exceed their expectations.