Light distribution

MATRIX 3D LIGHT™ - best possible light uniformity

Every single light beam has been directly controlled through our QUADRUM optics™ to distribute individual light beams exactly on the spot where it has been calculated. All lighting spots together form a unique MATRIX 3D LIGHT™, which increases the utilization rate of light on the surface, reduces glaring and allows for the best possible light uniformity.


Reduced light pollution and glare

LSL® LED street lights have asymmetric MATRIX 3D LIGHT™ distribution. In addition to covering the road surface, with asymmetric MATRIX 3D light™ which dramatically improves traffic safety, we also vertically illuminate objects next to the road and therefore increase safety for pedestrians. The full cutoff feature in combination with asymmetric MATRIX 3D light™ enables reducing the light pollution to zero point, preservation of the night sky, serene night sleep - better life quality and satisfies strictest environmental standards of the International Dark Sky Organization.
According to different needs, LCL® LED commercial lights have symmetric MATRIX 3D light™ distribution. Additional angle shading feature in LCL® results in an anti-glare final lighting effect.




Increased traffic safety - appropriate color temperature

The color temperature of our luminaires was carefully chosen, since it is important that light displays true colors of illuminated objects by night, and is both pleasant and human eye friendly at the same time.
Light color temperature of 4200 K – BIO light™ is used due to its   numerous advantages.
This particular color temperature has the best balance between natural  color distribution, overall brightness, efficiency, and pleasantness to the human eye at night. Since it shows the real color of illuminated objects, it dramatically increases overall traffic safety.